Structure My Deal

Save Time With an Online Deal Structure

Your time is precious, and we want you to save as much of it as you can. That is why our website offers you tools to complete your car deal paperwork online, instead of at the dealership. This tool is called the Digital Retail System, and it's available for any car on our website.

The Digital Retail System contains 5 steps. You do not have to complete every step, just the ones you want to, and you can complete them at your own pace. Below you'll learn the details and instructions for each step so you can get started structuring your deal online.

How "Strucutre My Deal" Works

Value a Trade

This tool gives you an estimate of how much your current car is worth, and how much you might be paid for trading the car in at one of our dealerships. The tool is integrated with Kelley Blue Book so you can be sure that the estimated trade in amount is as accurate as possible. Completeing this step first helps you budget for your next car purchase because you may want to use your trade-in money as a down payment on your next vehicle

To use the tool, simply fill out the short form with information about your current car, and the tool will give you an estimated trade-in value based on factors like current mileage, age and more.

Personalize Payments With Payment Calculator

This tool gives you an estimate of the monthly payments for the car you're interested in. Then, you can see if the car you want fits into your monthly budget.

To use this tool, first decide if you want to lease or buy the car you want. Choose that option in the tool, and then fill out the blanks in the form. You'll now have an estimated monthly payment for that car!

Prequalify for Credit

This tool helps you determine if you are eligible for credit, a.k.a, a car loan. If you are worried about your credit score, or have other credit concerns, use this tool to see if you should apply for credit. This tool will not "run your credit", so you don't need to worry about that. Skip this step if you aren't worried about your credit.

To use this tool, simply fill out all the fields in the form. Afterwards you'll know know what kind of financing options are available for you.

Apply for Credit

Use this tool to apply for financing-an auto loan-before you arrive at our dealership. This saves you so much time. After you apply, our financial experts will begin finding you the best possible financing deal. When you visit the dealership, all you have to do is sign the financing agreement that has been prepared for you.

To use this tool, fill out all the required fields and submit each form. Your personal information is safe with our team. We never sell or rent any of your private information to third parties.

Reserve it Now

When you find the car you want, you need to lock it down before someone else does! Especially if the car is in another city and you plan on having the car delivered to you. This tool will hold the car you are interested in so no one else can buy it before you.

To reserve a car, fill out the required information on the form, and then use PayPal to make a security deposit.


If you have questions about any part of this process feel free to contact us here. We'll make sure you have everything you need to do more at home and save more time.