Lexus Cars: A Brand History and Glimpse Into the Future

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You may know and love the Lexus brand, but have you ever wondered about its history in the automotive industry, or where the luxury car manufacturer is headed in the future?

The history of the Lexus brand is an interesting one, so we've compiled a brief overview of the  automotive company that include some interesting facts, a brief timeline of important events, a short history and a quick overview of what is coming next for the Lexus brand.

Interesting Facts About the Lexus Brand

  • Famous drivers of Lexus vehicles include or have included individuals such as the crown prince of Monaco Albert II, United Kingdom (UK) artist, David Hockney, and United States actress, Sienna Miller.
  • Lexus sells more hybrid vehicles than any other luxury car manufacturer. In the UK, 95 percent of all Lexus cars sold have a hybrid powertrain.
  • Paint inspectors for Lexus must pass an examination of their skills four times per year to continue working on the luxury vehicles.
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A Brief History of Lexus

Lexus actually originated as the luxury division of Toyota. Drivers were first introduced to Lexus vehicles in January of 1989, when the first model rolled out. It was called the Lexus LS 400. In 1990, the cars began to be exported to the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and Canada.

The release of these first Lexus cars garnered extremely positive reviews from drivers and media. Amidst the praise, however, there was also the discovery of two minor quality issues in that first Lexus LS 400. The third-high mounted stop light wasn't bright enough, according to a few drivers, and one driver complained that the cruise-control malfunctioned.

Instead of sweeping these complaints under the rug, Lexus did something unprecedented. It offered personalized service, picking up the 8,000 recalled vehicles from their owners, fixing the problem, and then returning their vehicles to them with a fresh car wash and a fully-filled gas tank. Owners were impressed and the Lexus brand learned an important lesson that propelled it further along its path of exceptional and personalized service for its customers.

Lexus Cars Major Milestones

  • In January of 1989, the Lexus LS 400 makes its debut.
  • Lexus introduced an all-new ES 300 and the SC 400 and SC 300 sport coupes in 1991. Lexus was now outselling both BMW and Mercedes-Benz in the U.S.
  • In 1998, Lexus owners mentioned disappointment to the auto brand that they experienced with their SUVs. Some stated that the ride was rough, or that entering/exiting the SUVs was difficult, or that they found their SUV lacked luxury traits. The Lexus RX 300 was introduced this same year. The luxury crossover vehicle instantly met and in many cases exceeded, drivers expectations.
  • The first luxury hybrid was released in April of 2005, and was called the Lexus RX 400h.
  • Today, Lexus has hundreds of dealers as well as state-of-the-art facilities and a plethora of premium vehicles to choose from, located throughout the country.

The Future of Lexus

  • Lexus, a long-time supporter of New York Fashion Week, returns as an official sponsor for the fifth consecutive season in 2017.
  • Lexus and 3GT Racing competed at the Virginia International Raceway in late August at the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.
  • The Lexus GS F performance sedan continues to growl its way around the world's most demanding race circuits around the world. With its powerful, 5.0-liter V8 engine, the 2018 GS F is the epitome of fun.
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Test Drive a Lexus Car

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