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Learn The History of These Popular Car Brands

A History of Audi

Audi as a concept was originally developed under a slew of different names and business partnerships between the years of 1885-1910, starting with the German Automobile Manufacturer A. Horch & Cie. Motorwagenwerke AG, in more.

A History of BMW

BMW started in 1916 by Karl Rapp and Gustav Otto. In 1920 it would unveil its first logo, which was based on the Bavarian state more.

A History of Buick

The Buick brand was founded by David Dunbar Buick, who incorporated the company in 1903. This same year the company moved from Detroit, MI, to Flint, MI. Though it teetered on the edge of bankruptcy one year after incorporation, it soon became one of the best-known auto brands in the more.

A History of Cadillac

You know the old saying, "beauty from ashes?" That could aptly describe the start of Cadillac. It was founded followed on the heels of a second failed attempt at an automotive company by Henry more.

A History of Chevrolet

Originally called the Chevrolet Motor Company, the auto manufacturer was founded by a man named William Durant in 1911. The company's name came from a partnership that Durant had with a well-known race car driver named Louis more.

A History of Ford

Ford Motor Company was founded by Henry Ford on June 16, 1903 and has been in continuous family control for over 110 years. Ford Motor Company produced a large range of vehicles in its early years ranging from the Model K for $2800 to the Success for only $ more.

A History of GMC

As with many other auto manufacturers, GMC began as another company entirely. While other auto makers began in the field of electronics, aviation or even in steamships, GMC was founded in 1902 as a truck company, the Rapid Motor Vehicle more.

A History of Honda

On September 24, 1948, the Honda Motor Co., Ltd., was born. Including its president, Soichiro Honda, there were 34 employees of the auto more.

A History of Lexus

Lexus actually originated as the luxury division of Toyota. Drivers were first introduced to Lexus vehicles in January of 1989, when the first model rolled out. It was called the Lexus LS 400. In 1990, the cars began to be exported to the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and more.

A History of Maserati

Established in Bologna, Italy, in 1914, Maserati began setting standards of excellence and innovating industry concepts before companies like Ferrari and Lamborghini even more.

A History of Mitsubishi

The year was 1870 and the founder of Mitsubishi, Yataro Iwasaki, began his career by establishing a shipping company. Iwasaki started this venture with three steamships which were well past their prime. From there, however, he, his brother, his son and a nephew went on to found the Mitsubishi automotive company that we know more.

A History of Mercedes-Benz 

Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz each invented a high-speed engine and automobile on their own in the 1880s. This would end up changing the face of private more.

A History of Toyota

The idea of Toyoda as an automobile brand didn't develop until 1933 under the direction of Kiichiro Toyoda. In fact, the Toyoda family name originally was and still is associated with the textile industry and invented the Toyoda Model G Automatic Loom in more.

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