How We Make It Easy

Here is how we make it easy. This it the top banner for the list of services Reagor Dykes Auto Group provides to make your car buying experience easy, quick smooth 1. Search our inventory for hundred of premium new and pre-owend vehicles. Image click leads to all inventory page with a search filter to browse by make, models, trim, exterior color and more Click the reserve it now button to put a hold on the vehicle of your dreams for a full 24 hours through a seemless, fully refundable and completely secure $500 deposit. Click Trade-in Evaluation button for an accurate, real time appraisal of your current vehicle, today! Complete an online customer statment to get your deal started. Click on the Credit Application button on the right to open the credit app An e-Commerce specialist will contact you to review the road to completing the transaction on your premium new or Pre-owned vehicle. If your location outside of Texas we will overnight your vehicle statements with a return envelope We can deliver almost anywhere in the world at a competitve price! At Reagor Dykes we live for the doorstep-delivery program. Click to learn more about the program.