Toyota Tacoma vs. the Competition

2016 Toyota Tacoma

Midsize Pickup Truck Comparison-- Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier and the Honda Ridgeline

Come in to one of our many Reagor Dykes Auto Group owned and operated dealerships, and there's at least one thing you'll never feel we are lacking: options. And if you're among the many Lubbock and Amarillo area drivers looking for a midsize pickup truck that fits the bill, we have a handful of options from different automakers. If, however, you're someone who prioritizes tried-and-true pickup truck capability, strength, and off-roading finesse, look no further than the new 2016 Toyota Tacoma.

See how the Tacoma stacks up against two other big names in the midsize pickup truck landscape--the Nissan Frontier and the Honda Ridgeline--in our thorough comparison below. Then, stop by one of our stores the next time you're passing by and allow our team to show you all around our new inventory.

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Toyota Tacoma vs. Nissan Frontier

  • The Toyota Tacoma achieves slightly better fuel economy ratings both in city and highway driving as opposed to the less efficient Nissan Frontier.
  • Both offer the option of a four cylinder engine or a more robust V6; in the standard engine comparison, the Tacoma offers 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque, whereas the Nissan variant only cranks out 152 horsepower and 171 lb-ft of torque.
  • The Toyota Tacoma grants drivers with greater freedom to haul heftier loads; payload capacity of 1620 pounds on the 4x2 Access Cab version easily trumps that of the 4x2 SV Nissan Frontier, which is only capable of carrying 931 pounds.

Toyota Tacoma vs. Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline gets above average fuel economy, thanks in large part to its unique unibody design. However, fuel economy comes at the expense of other areas of great interest to the vast majority of midsize pickup truck buyers, such as payload and towing capability.

  • We're still waiting on the official figures from Honda, but the automaker has been quoted as saying that its newest Ridgeline's payload ability is "approaching 1600 pounds." By comparison, the base trim of the 4x2 variant of the Toyota Tacoma achieves 1620 pounds of payload ability, so it's safe to say in this category, the Tacoma has the Ridgeline beat.
  • Properly equipped, the Toyota Tacoma is able to tow 6,800 pounds with complete and utter ease. The jury is still out on the official Honda Ridgeline towing ratings, but as it is virtually built on the Honda Pilot frame, we can assume that a maximum towing rating of 5,000 pounds is a fairly educated guess.
  • Lubbock area drivers looking for off-road performance as one would expect from the midsize pickup trucks segment ought to consider the Tacoma more seriously than the Honda Ridgeline. When it comes time to hit the trail, there's a good chance that the Ridgeline won't have what it takes, as it has been crafted with a greater emphasis on on-road handling. The Tacoma, on the other hand, delivers the toughness you would expect from a Toyota pickup.

Nissan Frontier

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