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Reagor Dykes Blog

Charge Up at Home in the Toyota Prius Plug-In

No matter what vehicle you drive, no matter where you frequent, convenience is important and few vehicles offer convenience as well as a new Toyota can. Should you find yourself yearning for a greener vehicle, something that can get you those extra miles and hit the fuel pump less often, then the Toyota Prius Family is worth your while

For even more distance, the Prius Plug-In hybrid is the best of the bunch! Offering an…

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Spike Dykes Wins its 4th Ford President's Award

Spike Dykes Ford in Lamesa has earned its 4th President?s Award in the past five years from Ford Motors Company?s Dallas Regional Office. President?s Awards are won by the top 20% of Ford dealerships in Sales, Service and Customers Relationships. Thank You Spike Dykes Ford team for a job well done.

Form left, Jonathan Couff, Market Service Director, Ford Dallas Region, Madeline Lull, Market Service Rep., Rick Dykes, RDAG Partner, Darin Epley, GM., JIm Jeanis, Business Development Mgr. and Mary Dorsey, Business Development Mgr.

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Community Health Center of Lubbock Downtown Groundbreaking

The Reagor Dykes Auto Group and friends of downtown redevelopment would like to thank the CHCL for reinvesting in downtown Lubbock. We were happy to celebrating the groundbreaking of the new Community Health Center. The mission of the CHCL is to improve access to health care across all age groups, reduce health disparities in the community, and improve the quality of life for residents of Lubbock,TX, and its surrounding communities. We have designed a service delivery model to care for the whole person at every stage of life.

From left, Rick Dykes, RDAG owner, Michael Sullivan, CHCL CEO, client…
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Reagor Dykes Opens New Location in Levelland

The Reagor Dykes Auto Group announces the addition of the our new Reagor-Dykes of Levelland pre-owned location. Our team in Levelland is led by Sales Managers, Chance Creek and Jim Myatt, the two have more than 40-years invested in the car business in West Texas. Our staff of sales professionals are ready to help you get any car you want!

Pictured from the left are: Pat Henry, Curtis King, Jody Drennan, Bryan Tidwell, Stephen Henry, Kori Farley, Lonnie Flowers, Randon Blacklock, Chris Evans, Jarrod Hoel, Chance Creek, Bart Reagor, Rick Dykes, Billy Youngblood, Jim Myatt, De Craddock, Joe Landin, Juneta…
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Lubbock Invitational Crossfit Competition Puts Athletes to the Ultimate Physical Test

When Zack Barnard, owner of Max Out Sports Nutrition asked if the Reagor Dyes Auto Group would help with a local cross-fit competition the answer came easy for RDAG owner, Bart Reagor who himself is an avid workout junkie and promotes the benefits of good health and nutrition to his employees on almost a daily basis.
"It is important to be in great physical health and have a great positive mental attitude if you want to be at your best everyday" says Reagor.

"I wanted to put on an event that would showcase the work that our local cross-fit athletes…
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Ford Soon to Feature Android Auto OS

Here at Reagor Dykes Auto Group, we know there's always something new and exciting to look forward to when it comes to the Ford lineup and all the technologies and features that they offer. Speaking of which, today we're here to talk about the upcoming Android Auto OS which will be taking over the dashboards of new models starting as early as the end of this year! But what is it, exactly?


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K'Leigh Arredondo: Let's Roll Magazine Student Athlete

There were times in K'Leigh Arredondo's life when she found it difficult living in the shadow of her older brother Bryndan. But then again, who can blame her? Bryndan has been one of the top baseball players in Lubbock since his Little League days, and this year he helped Midland College advance to the Junior College World Series.

So, through it all, K
'Leigh did what you?d expect any younger sibling to?
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In the Driver's Seat of the new 2015 Lincoln MKC

There are few greater luxuries than a new Lincoln and, when it comes to vehicle segments, the CUV is one that gives incredible interior space in a relatively small vehicle and the high-up viewpoint that puts you in full control of the road. Now, combining all of these things we love, is the brand-new 2015 Lincoln MKC.

With a gorgeously designed body, the comfort you deserve inside, and the features you need to keep you…

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The Top 10 Ford Mustang Models, According to Jay Leno

There have been a lot of Ford Mustang models over the years and, for everyone who loves the car, there's a preferred model. Whether you like the '68 Mustang like the one Steve McQueen drove in Bullitt, or you're a huge fan of the current 2014 model year, one fact remains true: all Mustang cars are amazing in their own right.

In the video below, Jay Leno gives his list of the top…

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Lemonade Day puts young Ryder Toman on road to success

Lubbock lemonade day was Saturday, May 3, 2014! The goal was to have 800 lemonade stands all over Lubbock and the South Plains.

Simply put, Lemonade Day provides kids of all ages the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship by planning, starting, owning, and operating their own business: a lemonade stand! And it's free!

Several steps were asked to be followed in order to build a stand and spark a dream.

Kids were responsible for signing up and picking up the their lemonade day backpack at the YWCA, find a mentor, an investor and to find their own location.

Kids were…
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